Our Story

ACM has established Student Chapters to provide an opportunity for students to play a more active role in the Association and its professional activities. More than 500 colleges and universities throughout the world participate in the ACM Student Chapter Program, whose aims are to enhance learning through exchange of ideas among students, and between established professionals and students.

By encouraging organization of student chapters on college and university campuses, the Association is able to introduce students to the benefits of a professional organization.


In the past few years, we came to realize that Computer Science in Jordanian households is associated with words and terms like “Code”, or “an employee who writes computer code for a living”, this really sounds bizarre now that we are studying this science!

And so we set our mission to face the false portrait our community perceives Computer Science as. We want to show our community that Computer Science is indeed a Science, like Physics, or Astronomy! And computers are just the tool! You do not need to write code to use Computer Science, it is everywhere!

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